Sunshine and smiles greet jubilee celebrations

A fantastic time was had by all at The Hall at Marthall’s jubilee celebrations.

The hall was decorated beautifully, and festivities began at 1pm with tables laid with amazing home made cakes and sandwiches.

It proved so popular that at one point with the car park, Sandlebridge Lane and lay-by were so full of cars an adjacent field had to be opened to allow drivers to park.

The brilliant brass band played as squealing children enjoyed the unlimited use of two bouncy castles and free face painting.

At 3pm the beer, wines and cider began to be served. The initial rush was so enthusiastic that in the first 15 mins over 70 pints were served. Visitors had a selection of 8 cask beers, 3 ciders and 4 wines sold at just £5 for 3 drink vouchers, after which you could buy any drink for just £1.
One gentleman who bought 6 pints and 2 glasses of wine later that evening for £8 exclaimed “I’ll never buy a round that cheap again!”
At 7pm the superb and ever popular band Buzzard played two sets of a medley of hits from acts including David Bowie, Foo Fighters, The Clash, Undertones and The Housemartins.
The later acting as a cue for visitors to start dancing… a trend that then continued to the end of an excellent night and a magnificent day.
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