Boohoo owner breaks lockdown with “golf party”

Mahmud Kamani owner of the Boohoo fashion company and owner of Ollerton Manor has allegedly flouted lockdown restrictions by holding a “golf party” on his property.

Following a scandal earlier this year that wiped £1B off Boohoo’s value after accusations of worker exploitation and breaking of Covid-19 restrictions, it appears that on Sunday the 15th of November a “golf party” was held flouting lockdown laws.

Earlier in the day a security guard was stood on Chelford Road directing traffic to the event with a sign labeled “Knutsford Golf Course”. Ironically the entrance to the field, driveway and alterations to the pavement and highway were all done illegally and are currently the subject of one of numerous “enforcement orders” Cheshire East Council have taken against Mr Kamani.

As the sun started to set cars started to leave the venue, and to avoid problems on the notorious accident blackspot of the nearby crossroads, the security guard helped to guide the visitors onto the fast moving carriageway.

A nearby resident said “I heard gardeners working this morning to clear the leaves to the entrance, using leaf-blowers… but I had no idea it was to host this” another resident commented “It appears that it’s one rule for us and another for Mr Kamani… AGAIN!”

Below is a diagram of the illegal building work

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