About the villages


The neighbouring villages of Ollerton and Marthall in Cheshire UK came together in 1976 and sealed their alliance with a handshake across Pedley Brook. Both villages keep their own identity and boundaries but come together in a shared Parish Council and shared facilities. At our events we act and support each other as one community.

In our history, Ollerton had the Post Office, Chapel and Village School and Marthall brought the Church and Village Hall. Sadly, not everything is still open but our Church and Hall remain with us and provide a centre for our community. Each village also brought a pub, and both are going strong!

The farming community still form the heart of village life, and although many of us now work from an office and not a tractor we all feel the annual cycle of the seasons and can enjoy the excitement of heifers in the spring and the autumnal smell of freshly cut hay. Cows on the road can also hold up the daily commute, and at no extra charge.

In an area of natural beauty we are fortunate to have Lower Moss Wood nature reserve and animal sanctuary within the village of Ollerton. Here, school trips learn about animals in the wild, and injured or abandoned wildlife is cared for.

Our history goes back to the Domesday Book (where some say "Owlerton" was known for its owls or perhaps "Alretune" was known for its Elder trees ), but we haven't stopped in the past. From social events like the popular annual garden party through to rolling up our sleeves in village tidy-up projects, or our work on Parish Planning, the community is alive and active.