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The Parish Council Planning Committee

The Parish Council’s duty is to react as a consultative body, presenting to Cheshire East Council, information, a balanced community view and when possible, recommendations, with due regard to the statutes, local plans and guidelines regulating planning.

The Parish Council elects a Planning Committee at its Annual Meeting. This Committee is comprised of four elected Councillors, one of whom is the Parish Council Chairman. The Committee elects its own Chairman. The Planning Committee exercises the duties of the Parish Council in relation to all planning applications referred by Cheshire East Council.

All planning applications are available for inspection at Cheshire East offices and on their website. The Chairman of the Parish Council’s Planning Committee receives a copy of each planning application direct and arranges for the Clerk to send a copy of the Notice to each Councillor.

Whenever possible contact is made with the Owner/Applicant/Agent of each application to either arrange a site visit and/or hold consultations. Electors who wish to comment may do so to any member of the Planning Committee or to their local Councillor if preferred. The Planning Committee’s comments are forwarded to Cheshire East Council within the time scale allowed and are published on their website for general consumption.

Members of the Planning Committee who have a direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any application are prohibited from speaking or voting at Council meetings and must declare their interest in that connection and may be required to withdraw from the meeting while the matter is discussed.

Prior to each Parish Council meeting, the Chairman of the Planning Committee prepares a summary of all outstanding and new applications in the form of a Planning Monitor. This is discussed at the meeting, following which a copy is forwarded to the Editor of the Parish Post for publication in the next issue.