The Parish Plan

The Ollerton with Marthall Parish Council started the ball rolling by organising two public meetings to gauge interest in developing a Parish Plan and to get some volunteers to form a Steering Committee. The remit of the Steering Committee was to generate a Parish Plan, which reflected the residents’ views on the future of the Parish of Ollerton with Marthall and which also had the support of Ollerton with Marthall Parish Council, Cheshire County Council and Macclesfield Borough Council.

Perhaps it seems that we have no need of a Parish Plan as there is already a strong community spirit and we live in a very attractive parish, where we have already overcome issues, which have threatened the character and peace of the two villages. However we cannot stand still. There are always things that need to be improved or challenged.

The Parish plan gives us somewhere to document those things we would still like to do and the Action Plan helps us to achieve these by focusing effort into particular areas. Most importantly, having a written plan will give us a better platform for debating issues with the county and borough councils and other public agencies and will help our local organisations or common interest groups, who are seeking external funding, to demonstrate how their funding proposals will fit with the overall aims for the Villages.

I congratulate the Steering Committee and Action Teams and all those who have worked long and hard to create this excellent document, which captures the residents’ aspirations for the Villages and includes a plan to make these a reality. The Parish Council is looking forward to working with the Steering Committee, the Action teams and all the Villagers to make the vision happen.

Alan Street
Chairman, Ollerton with Marthall Parish Council
June 2007