The Origin of the Ollerton with Marthall Parish Council

The Parish unit of Ollerton is of Saxon origin. England was first divided into Parishes in AD 670 by Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury. The Civil Parish was either Rural or Urban and by the Local Government Act of 1894 had based on its population either a Parish Meeting or Parish Council.

Accordingly, resulting from the above Act of Parliament the first Parish Meeting was held in Ollerton Schoolroom on the 8th of December 1894 when there was a very good attendance of Parochial Electors.

Mr. John Cheetham read the notice convening the meeting and Mr. G.H.Stannier of Ollerton Lodge was appointed Chairman. Thomas Harrop proposed and Seconded by Mr Hugh Harrop "That this meeting applies for the power to elect a Parish Council". An amendment proposed by Mr. Joseph Mason and seconded by Mr. W.A.Moore "that the question of forming a Parish Council be not entertained". The amendment was carried and the question of forming a Parish Council was not raised again until 1948 when a special meeting was held to in February of that year called to discuss the formation a joint Parish Council with Marthall, Little Warford and Toft The meeting decided that no change take place.

The matter was again resurrected in 1963 when at an Ollerton Parish Meeting on the 4th October the Parishioners finally agreed to form a Parish Council.

The First Parish Council Meeting was held on the 27th May 1964. The first Chairman was Mr. H.E.Hutton and the first Clerk to the Parish Council was Mr.A. W. Crimes.

At a special meeting in on the 29th September 1976 it was agreed to form a joint Parish Council with Marthall to take effect from the 6th may 1976.

Ollerton with Marthall Parish Council was now formed.

The first Meeting of the Joint Parish Council took place on the 17th May 1976 when Mr George Littler (Ollerton) was appointed Chairman and Mr. A. W. Crimes continued in the office of Clerk to the Council.

G. Littler

Credit For the research and information goes with thanks to Mr. A. Crimes former Clerk to the Council and mentioned in the above.